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Director | Chief Executive Officer

Bruce is dedicated to seeing Holocentric achieve excellence, and to ensuring that Holocentric’s customers and employees are well looked after and cared for. He is fiercely passionate in his belief that companies can save countless hours and dollars through the application of a Digital Twin of their Organisation.

Bruce has worked tirelessly to ensure that as many organisations hear the message, take their first steps on their DTO journey and reap the resulting benefits.



Director | Chief Technology Officer | Head of Research & Development

One of the original founders of Holocentric, Derek is the driving force behind Holocentric’s technology vision and product roadmap. He is a company founder and has more than ten years of experience in evolving the Business Management System (BMS) to enable organisations better understand, communicate and optimise their Business Strategy, Operations and Technology.

In the course of pursuing his vision, Derek has gathered about him a team of highly skilled developers and technical support staff who strive for continuous innovation of our leading technology solutions.

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Chief Customer Officer

Coming from a project management background, Dwight ruthlessly researches, documents and plans his every move. He is not afraid to speak his mind, challenging long established concepts, promoting new ideas and calculated risks, should the execution of those actions be thoroughly planned and documented.

A go-getter by nature, Dwight will leap in and teach himself whatever is necessary to achieve an optimal outcome for our clients. Dwight is an avid, passionate and considerate family man who always makes time in his overloaded schedule for his family.

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Head of Target Markets

Walter Tran is the current Head of Target Markets. He leads Holocentric’s charge into market specific solutions and is interested in various sectors such as Disability Care, Aged Care, Water Utilities and other regulated industries.

Prior to being the Head of Target Markets, Walter has spent the past 9 years as the face of Holocentric in various accounts covering large brand name organisations across Australia and internationally.

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