The development of a complete DTO will deliver long-term benefits but can also generate short-term wins.

Process mining can help discover how work is actually being performed and the BMS can capture the relationships in a business model.

A BMS outlines best practice, yet business operations may not follow process. According to Gartner, Holocentric’s BMS may be used as a means of communication to make sure that all are aware of their responsibilities in a DTO.

Actual ways of working may be far more effective than the theoretical and the organization can then re-design their processes and create an improved future state. Monitoring and measuring for continuous improvement.

A DTO mirrors the digital with the actual to improve compliance, customer experience and cost optimization.

Use Cases of a DTO


Business Transformation – You can spend a lot of time and effort in gaining an understanding of current business processes before implementing change. Process Mining can accelerate the journey by analyzing current systems to provide a real rather than theoretical view of current processes. This delivers an objective understanding of the current business model.


What are we actually doing? It may be necessary to capture the current state of the business operating model to be able to design improvements and implement change. Rather than spending many weeks or months discussing the current operations, why not run process mining to uncover the facts? Supplement these with further information to reduce the time and provide a more objective view of operations.


Are you meeting your compliance obligations? Better to detect before the regulator. Investigate processes that are related to regulatory obligations. Discover whether people are performing work in the correct manner. Where there are deficiencies in processes, consider improvements with a more holistic approach to the business operating model. The BMS is the ideal tool to design the future operating model.


Discover how better performing parts of the business are operating. Results may show that different offices and regions perform similar operations very differently with highly varying results. This may be in terms of cost, customer appreciation or risk. How does one area perform so well while others are so bad?

How can we improve the customer experience? Do you have a true picture of the customer experience that you are providing? Are you delivering consistent experiences throughout our organization? Process Mining can advise how customers experience your services and the variants of these experiences. You can design improved customer experiences through the BMS, implement changes and monitor their ongoing effectiveness.

Should you outsource some business processes? The DTO can help with the design of future processes and provide greater clarity over responsibilities and expectations. You can deliver changes via the DTO as the communication mechanism. Performance can then be monitored to discover any deviations from the intended processes and further improvements can then be designed.

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