Learn how to achieve operational excellence, collect and document requirements accurately and achieve senior management buy-in.

Maps, Models and Management - Creating a Platform for Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is not a choice; it is a necessity for survival in today’s ever-competitive world.

However, far too many organisations' excellence programs are undertaken on a piecemeal basis, resulting in a failure to institutionalise the benefits gained and leading to fragmentation and suboptimisation.

A truly successful program brings together the disparate parts of your organisation and links them together - creating a fusion of people, process and technology.

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Getting Requirements Right - Bridge the Requirements Gap


IT systems will only deliver the benefits which business users expect if they are based on a set of well-documented and traceable requirements.  These requirements need to be traceable up to the desired business outcomes and down to the IT system's functionality to eliminate the translation stages which result in the introduction of most of the errors.

Business process models are an effective means of binding the business outcomes to the system requirements in a form which is easily understood by business and IT people alike, removing the potential for requirements to be misunderstood and a poor reflection on the actual business needs.

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